Hahahahahahahahahaha I don’t know what made me think of this just now, but I thought back to when I first met Leahxvx and it made me laugh so much. Ari and I had just went to see Wormrot play and we went to a place to eat and meet up with Leah . Hahahaha I was legit scared because the only experience I ever had with anyone straightedge was back east with jerk ones who would jump my friends outside the liquor store and I was drunk and I had on my thermal what has the big Cannabis Corpse patch on the front. I was so worried hahahaha Leah didn’t beat me up and since has become one of my very favorite people ever.

  1. vicewearsblack said: Hahahahhaha
  2. leahxvx said: LOLOLOLOL hahahah oh noes that’s so sad! I would never firestorm you Randy!
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