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Title: Doomed Youth Artist: Kremlin 51 plays


Kremlin - Doomed Youth

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Tollund Men - Looking For Love

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Gaetano Pesce

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my contacts are actively rotting atop my ravaged eyes and yet i am going to go to the mall to go shopping for tights and jewelry and sunglasses and some more red eyeshadow because i am a former child genius

i’m so damn high rn and this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen

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also how TF do people do their makeup in that dim-ass soft yellow light or whatever like they have on them makeup mirrors. i can’t see fuckin shit. in my room, i took out the bulbs in the ceiling light and put two like 200 watt garage light bulbs in it, it’s so damn bright in my room when i turn the light on but that’s how i like it when i do my makeup. you know, actually being able to see everything. idgi

godfuckingdamnit i rarely get invited anywhere so i just spend most of my days reclining luxuriously in my filthy lair indulging in my sordid pursuits and then out of the blue one of my friends will be like “come out for this fun thing we’re all doing in an hour!” and there’s no way i can get up and shower and do my hair and my makeup and get all ready in time to get there and yet i’m loathed to go out without having run that gamut to gorgeousness so then i just end up having to flake and stay home and it’s frustrating and surely doesn’t help encourage ppl to invite me out more often but at the same time i don’t know what to do about it bc i’m not just going to get all ready everyday in order to just sit around 99% of the time for the 1% of the time that my good friends hmu
i’m just gonna get fucking stoned, i’m bummed

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me, entering the club

OH SHIT i found my obnoxious cigarette holder i thought i’d lost years ago
it’s a fucking party now, watch y’all’s eyes!