Title: humiliate Artist: Filth Coalition 82 plays


Filth Coalition // Humiliate

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I just want to sit and look into your beautiful ass

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Title: When Were You Last In Control Of Your Dreams And Aspirations- (1980) Artist: Nocturnal Emissions 399 plays


Nocturnal Emissions - When Were You Last In Control Of Your Dreams And Aspirations?

Tissue Of Lies (1980)

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My emotional regulation

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(you bare your teeth + grow fangs)

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Title: I was challenged to enter the gates of blasphemy Artist: Dodsferd 65 plays

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I’m reallyreallyreally looking forward to this next month of living alone in this broken down truck that I found and descending into madness i reallyreallyreally am looking forward to accepting my calling as a deranged hermit yet again


also i have like three people i’m unrealistically crushing on and i honestly can’t wait to be systematically, mercilessly, and irrevocably gunned down by each one so i can get real

Two down, one to go ;|

I found the coolest place to sleep after I leave my bougie place at the end of the month, I’m actually kinda excited about being homeless again

Title: In Real Life Artist: Molly Nilsson 53 plays

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who am I drinking all this pineapple juice for

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