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is that a dildo on your dresser? lol nice

Haha a couple ppl have asked me that, it’s a bottle of febreeze that’s turned sideways


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corporeality is a scam. text “GET ME OUTTA THIS THING” to 1-800-SHITBODY and “find the new you” as

  • spectral radience (orb only) on amateur romanian ghosthunter’s camcorder footage
  • repeating fragment of text (specify, keep it PG please) on eerie green computer display in abandoned russian nuclear silo
  • otherworldly energy blast from hero’s eyes, hands
  • just a normal, casual ghost. jeans, graphic tshirt. take it easy. 
  • screaming skull launched from villain’s screaming skull launcher (the launcher is screaming too)
  • crystals
  • an itching, jagged memory, buried too deep to be parsed consciously, bedeviling exlover unto death (specify which) 

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Title: Satori, Pt. 2 Artist: Flower Travellin' Band 311 plays


Flower Travellin’ Band (フラワー・トラベリン・バンド) Satori, Pt. 2. 1971

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I wish my skin really looked like this :/

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Title: Amphetamine Psychosis Artist: Insect Warfare 127 plays


Insect Warfare - Amphetamine Psychosis

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also i have like three people i’m unrealistically crushing on and i honestly can’t wait to be systematically, mercilessly, and irrevocably gunned down by each one so i can get real

i got my tolerance back this week too it seems so that kinda sucks
last night i pounded two fourlokos and a blackberry steelie and then a bunch of whiskey at the bar and didn’t even get that drunk at all :/

portland has been treating me really well lately. i’ve been out gettin drunk every night this week since tuesday and i feel like everybody i’ve spent time around has genuinely been excited for me to be there, which is unusual to me but then again not bc it would make complete sense after all of these years here that now as soon as i’m about to be homeless and having mixed feelings about my upcoming prospective move to oakland that i would start to gel with this city and its denizens and feel more at home here

Title: Cap Always Back At an Angle Artist: Viper the Rapper 449 plays


Viper killin’ it as usual.

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drop a name in the water.
drop a name in the water.
and a name in the water.
drop another name in the water.
and another.
and another.
and another.
and another.
and another.
and another.
and another.
and another.
and another.
and another.
there are no more bodies in your body.

the rivering, nayyirah waheed | from 'nejma'

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