I noticed today that some of my fav blogs had been unfollowed without my knowledge and im not sure how many of y’all that has happened to but if we’re mutuals and you notice me unfollowing you, msg me and let me know bc i typically wont unfollow unless im unfollowed first

Will give head/put out for myrrh hmu

I stole a laptop from work yesterday and i was soooo stoked at the prospect of having a somewhat decent running one bc mine is sooo janky and fucked now and honestly it’s the reason i havent been able to keep up with tum-tums lately since it’s so fucked but when i got it home i discovered to my dismay that it is even more fucked than mine so im still feeling very crestfallen about that ;(

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Perdition//Corpse of Life

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greatest of all time

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Hand of Sabazius, 3rd c.

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